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Distance Energy Healing Session


Each Energy  Healing Session

Healing session with Klaudija is a rich, & peaceful experience. You will be immersed in the great abundance of  her guidance, healing, sound and love.

 Using vibrational healing tools such as crystals gemstones and energy,

Klaudija will guide you on a profound inner journey into your core presences.

You will be immerse in and out of the Infinite Source of creation to heal and dissolve blocks that disallows the flow of your life force energy.

 Here's what some people experience:

 A  sense of calm or deep relaxation

Light and energy in their body and awareness

Upliftment, bliss, or joy

Release of physical or emotional blocks

A greater sense of freedom

Greater clarity

Expansion of the heart

A deep connection with the Divine

An array of improvements in everday life


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